Research Staff

ICMAB is the people. During 2017, 332 people have been working at ICMAB, either as an undergraduate student, either as a PhD researcher, as a technician or as a full time scientist. Some of the numbers are the following:

Scientific staff is formed by the permanent research staff (59), postdoctoral fellows (58), and PhD researchers (97), giving a total of 214 researchers. 50 % of the postdocs and 46 % of the PhD fellows are from abroad.

The support staff (57) is formed by the technical staff (28), the administration staff, the library staff, the IT department and the maintenance and safety staff (29). From the support staff, 56 % have a permanent position and 43 % are female.

In addition, we have visitors (6), undergraduate and master students (41), and the staff working also in spin-offs (14).

Of the total staff, 58 % are male (42 % female) and 30 % are from abroad, from a total of 26 countries. 41 % of the staff has less than 30 years old, and 16 % are more than 50.

Personnel evolution: Permanent/Non-permanent 2005-2017
This figure plots the ICMAB permanent and non-permanent researchers’ evolution since 2005 and until 2017. The ratio between non-permanent and permanent is 1.85 in 2017. The growth rates were positive until 2011, and extremely positive from 2014 until 2017. These two last years we have experienced a huge growth, although most of the new staff is non-permanent.

ICMAB permanent staff evolution: Permanent 1992-2017
The permanent staff since 1992 has been on a constant growth until 2013. From 2013 to 2016 it experienced a light decay (from 88 to 84 people), and in 2017 it increased to the highest number ever achieved.

ICMAB permanent research staff evolution
Since 2012 the permanent research staff is quite stable between 57-59 scientists.

ICMAB permanent researchers age distribution by gender
We can observe that only 10 % of the researchers are under 40 years old, and that 23 % are over 60. The average age is 52 years old. Moreover, 62 % of the permanent researchers are male.

New positions during 2017

Postdoctoral fellows

  • Francesca Leonardi: Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación
  • José María Muñoz: Juan de la Cierva-Formación
  • Mariana Köber: AGAUR TecnioSpring
  • Madhura Marathe: P-SPHERE COFUND
  • David Malaspina: P-SPHERE COFUND
  • Tomasso SalzilloP-SPHERE COFUND
  • Rafael TrócoliP-SPHERE COFUND
  • Carlos Moya: Albus project
  • Blai Casals: FIP

Support staff

  • Andrés Gómez: Specialized Technical Staff
  • Vega Lloveras: Specialized Technical Staff
  • Judith Oró: Specialized Technical Staff (internal promotion)
  • Mario Juárez: Junior Technician, Cell Growth Laboratory (ICN2/ICMAB)
  • Anna May Masnou: Communication Officer
  • Marta Riba: Senior Technician, Nanoquim Platform
  • Sònia Roldan: Administration ‐ HR Dept
  • Joan Renau: Administration – Accounting Dept
  • Roberto Ibáñez: Maintenance support staff
  • Juan José Monis: Maintenance support staff
  • Laura Cabana: Project Manager

Permanent researchers* 

Tenured Scientists 

  • Núria Crivillers (incorporation 2017)
  • Sebastián Reparaz (incorporation 2017)
  • Mariona Coll (incorporation 2018)
  • Joffre Gutiérrez (incorporation 2018)
  • Agustín Mihi (incorporation 2018)

Research Scientist (internal promotion)

  • Rosario Núñez
  • Mariano Campoy-Quiles
  • Gerard Tobias
Predoctoral Researchers and Master Students

Pre-doctoral FPI:

  • Soledad Roig
  • Adrián Francisco
  • Sergi Martín
  • Saúl Estandia

Pre-doctoral Severo Ochoa:

  • Adara Babuji
  • Irene Anton
  • Eduardo Pérez
  • Alejandro Fernández
  • Saul Estandía
  • Damià Peró

Pre-doctoral FPU:

  • Adrián Tamayo
  • Miquel Torras
  • Martí Gibert

Pre-doctoral COFUND-InPhINIT-La Caixa

  • Jan Grzelak
  • Milena Sulzbach
  • José Jurado

Pre-doctoral CSC

  • Songbai Zhang

Master Severo Ochoa

  • Genís Rabost García
  • Gabriela Ávila Morales
  • Pablo Rodríguez Mateos
  • Karen Lizzette Velásquez Méndez
  • Albert Serra Capdevila
  • Anna Morales Melgares
  • Estel Rueda Hernández


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