III Workshop on Materials Characterisation by Diffraction Methods

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Heavy metals sensor platform developed during the COMMON SENSE project



“Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers” in schools

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Seminars for teachers: What does Materials Science study?

Seminar by Prof. Núria Araüna (URV): “Gender and class inequality in social networking sites”

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The ICMAB will coordinate the first MSCA-COFUND project awarded to CSIC

Anna Laromaine attended the NanoTech 2017 in Tokyo

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The ICMAB is the second institute of the CSIC centers in the area of materials science and technology in terms of publications

The ICMAB participates in YoMo (Youth Mobile)

YoMo is one of the major science outreach events, with the 3D printing bridges activity

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The International Faire on Energy and Environment, includes an ICMAB project for its contribution to the development of renewables energies and energy efficiency in Spain

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The ICMAB website raises to the fourth position of the CSIC centers ranking



Presentation in Barcelona of the European project on superconductivity, Eurotapes

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ICMAB at the “Saló de l'Ensenyament” in Barcelona

Xavier Granados interviewed by the CSIC in Brussels

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Mariona Coll at IES La Plana de Vic

Bringing new materials to the classroom within the “A researcher in your classroom” programme

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10th anniversary of the ERC

The ICMAB was present at the 10th anniversary of the ERC celebrated at the UAB Campus

The ICMAB at the 10alamenos9

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Festival with nano-workshops and talks

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Miquel Torras, Premi Sant Jordi 2017

For his undergraduate research pro

ICMAB confirms its leadership in excellence in science in the Nature Index

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Jaume Veciana received a Mention of Honor for his dedication in the creation of NANBIOSIS

Esther Barrena visits EINA

Within the “A researcher in your classroom” programme

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New Communication & Outreach Officer at ICMAB



"Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers"

At the CSIC Delegation in Barcelona within the INSPIRACIENCIA events

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Photo contest FOTICMAB 2017: find the best scientific and artistic photos from our staff

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Happy Birthday ICMAB!

We celebrate the 31st Anniversary of our research center!

Josep Fontcuberta, Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Magnetics

IEEE Magnetics recognizes the dissemination activity of Josep Fontcuberta as Distinguished Lecturer 2016 at the Awards Ceremony of INTERMAG 2017

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The superconducting materials on Betevé Television, with Teresa Puig

Xavier Obradors received the Ambassador Award from the Regió7 newspaper

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Esther Barrena and Ana Pérez at the Pint of Science Festival in Barcelona

FUB+GRAN “Saber per descobrir” visits ICMAB

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Barcelona Science Festival

ICMAB participates in the Barcelona Science Festival with talks and nano-debates

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NAIADES project on sodium-ion batteries

ICMAB members participate in the Summer School within the NAIADES project on sodium-ion batteries



Jordi Martínez awarded at the "Jornades Doctorals 2017" UAB

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Bojos per la Física

The ICMAB participates in the programme “Bojos per la Física” receiving 25 students to learn about photovoltaics and batteries

Barcelona Maker Faire

The ICMAB participates in the Barcelona Maker Faire with the 3D printing bridge activity

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The ICMAB organizes the Summer School “Materials for Biomedical Applications” (MATBIO2017) for PhD fellows and master students

The ICMAB featured at the "Revista Española de Física" from the RSEF

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Oxolutia signs a contract with BSH Spain

Argó Program

The students from the UAB Argó Program are ready to hit the road at ICMAB

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Hendrik Ohldag

Hendrik Ohldag, IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguised Lecturer for 2017, visits ICMAB



ICMAB researchers at the monograph on "Condensed Matter" of the “Revista Española de Física” from the RSEF

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Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral fellowships

Two ICMAB researchers granted with Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral fellowships with Marta Mas-Torrent

ICMAB, full member of ECSITE

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Nanoselect NOE Annual Meeting

ICMAB scientists question ferroelectricity evidence from an article by a Nobel Prize in Chemistry

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"Los riesgos de la nanotecnología"

Seminar by Pedro Serena and Marta Bermejo at ICMAB

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Visit of Maria Torras

The ICMAB receives the visit of Maria Torras, the student with the best mark at the Selectivity in Catalonia

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A project between Almirall, Leitat and ICMAB on nanocapsules to fight skin diseases

Eight Frontier Interdisciplinary Projects (FIPs) granted

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Hot paper reporting borane hybrids for potential cancer therapy

ICMAB participates in a Summer School for female physicists

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Balance of the NFFA-Europe project at ICMAB, the largest European network for research at the nanoscale


Identified for the first time a mineral until now only present in meteorites

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Open call for short-term visits to NFFA-Europe facilities

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Kids’ Day at ICMAB

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OXOLUTIA SL and PLASGOM start a new project together

Jose Muñoz, Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat UAB

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Màrius Tarrés Schüler, Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat UAB

Condensed matter theory workshop at ALBA

Overview of ICN2 and ICMAB activities


Campus Gutenberg

The Communication Officers of various scientific institutions participate together at Campus Gutenberg

Judith Guasch, awarded with a leader position of a Max Planck Partner Group

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Laia Soler, awarded the Best Young Researchers Presentation at EUCAS 2017

Prof. Jaume Veciana will be at the 2nd Summerschool on Nanomedicine

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Nanotechnology enters the realm of superconductors

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Anna Roig receives the Albus Award

For her project on "Albumin iron-oxide nanocages"

Retirement Reception to honor researcher Vladimir Laukhin

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Ciencia en Acción

The ICMAB participates in “Ciencia en Acción” with the 3D printing bridges project


IES Consell de Cent visits ICMAB: "Materials of the future for energy" thanks to ESCOLAB


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ICMAB, one of the few research centers of CSIC that increases its staff

SOMM Alliance

Launch of the “Alliance of Severo Ochoa Centres and Maria de Maeztu Units of Excellence” (SOMM Alliance)

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ICMAB hosts the H2020 FASTGRID Project Meeting

Xavier Obradors participates in the roundtable "From Lab to Fab" at ICN2

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The ICMAB Annual Report 2016 is available

Nature Communications

Press release: Turning the microscope upside down to measure the piezoelectricity of materials at the nanoscale

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Three ICMAB researchers promoted to Research Scientists

Gerard Tobias, Mariano Campoy-Quiles and Rosario Núñez have been successfully promoted to Research Scientists through a selective process by internal promotion.



International meeting on research transfer and co-creation of the Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu centers.

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JPhDStudents 2017

The Barcelona Nanotechnology Cluster PhD students meeting at ICMAB


The ICMAB at EXPOMINER with talks and workshops on graphene, photovoltaics, batteris and superconductivity


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Visit of the Scientific Advisory Board

Second visit of the Scientific Advisory Board at ICMAB to evaluate RL1 and RL3

Science Week 2017

The ICMAB participates at the Science Week 2017 receiving a school and giving talks to other secondary schools

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Roc Olivé exposition

ICMAB hosts the Science Illustration exhibition by Roc Olivé

Mariona Coll, Award L'Oréal-Unesco 2017

Research Award L'Oréal-Unesco “For Women In Science” 2017 for Mariona Coll and her project on new materials for photovoltaics

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El CSIC a l'Aula

Becoming a Materials Detective for a day: the ICMAB opens its doors to Primary School students for the first time, and welcomes 10-11 years-old kids to visit their installations.


The first meeting between illustrators and researchers at ICMAB is a great success

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Andrés Gómez at Sant Joan Baptista school

The program "A researcher in your classroom" brings Andrés Gómez and his AFM kit to Sant Joan Baptista school

Generació d'Idees

Two projects from ICMAB researchers at the FINAL of the PRUAB Program "Generació d'Idees"

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Mariona Coll at EL9TV

Mariona Coll interviewed by the Catalan Television el9TV, in the talk show "7dies", for her award "For Women in Science" L'Oréal-Unesco

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The superconducting materials of the EUROTAPES European project at Catalunya Informació

The Institut Bisbe Sevilla from Calella at ICMAB

learning about the nanomaterials of the future for electronics within the ESCOLAB program


ICMAB within the Top 10 Institutions in Barcelona

according to Nature Index 2017 Science Cities

ICMAB collaboration at the Digital CSIC journal "CSIC Abierto"

about Open Access policies and mandates

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"Re-reading Curie" by Xavier Roqué

Christmas Lecture at ICMAB


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